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Contactless Debit & Credit Cards

A Safer Way to Pay

Contactless debit and credit cards are a safe and secure way to pay. Simply Look, Tap & Go to avoid touching a pin pad or card terminal.

We are pleased to introduce our new contactless debit and credit card for a safe, secure way to pay. Members will receive new contactless debit and credit cards in the mail beginning Friday, August 14. Please follow the steps below to activate and use your new contactless card:


1. Activate your card by calling 1.866.985.2273 and following the prompts. Your new debit and credit card will include a new expiration date and CVV number (3 digit number on the back of the card). 

2. Update any recurring payments. If you have recurring payments made through your current debit or credit card, be sure to update your card information with your merchants. 

3. Your old debit or credit card will close and will no longer be valid after 45 days. 

Your new contactless card is simple and easy to use. Simply Look for the contactless symbol at checkout, tap your contactless card on the checkout terminal, and your payment processed in seconds.