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In-House Home Loans

In-House Home Loan Highlights

You don't have to choose between low cost pricing and local service.


No Down Payment Option

Saving your funds for the transition from homebuyer to homeowner makes sense for many people. Leaders can help you become a homeowner, without upending your finances. In some instances, you can even avoid monthly private mortgage insurance (PMI).

Common Sense Underwriting

Our in-house mortgage loans are underwritten by Leaders, locally. While the majority of our in-house loans meet standard guidelines, we understand not every situation fits into a neat box.

Quicker Loan Closing

Making the leap to homeownership is often a matter of timing, and speed counts. We've eliminated many of the "hurry up and wait" hurdles of the traditional mortgage process.

Local Loan Servicing

Most lenders don't perform long term loan servicing on mortgages they originate. Our in-house home loans are serviced by Leaders. We'll be here to help on the first day and last day of your mortgage.


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