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Select Rewards at Leaders Credit Union

How we provide value to your business:

  • Direct deposit accounts for ALL employees
  • Payroll deduction into savings: automatic savings plans that require no maintenance or setup on your part
  • Higher yields on savings, lower rates on loans >>> our business structure as a financial cooperative makes it possible
  • FREE financial literacy coaching for your staff
  • >> Family budgeting
  • >> Reducing your household debt
  • >> Improving your credit
  • >> Purchasing your first home
  • >> Planning for retirement
  • Regular onsite enrollments at no cost

A credit union relationship is a financial game-changer for you and your employees. It can radically change the course of their household's financial future, and they will have you to thank for it. You are also able to dramatically improve your employee's quality of life in the event of financial crisis. It improves their productivity, reduces absenteeism and presenteeism, and boosts your retention rate. There aren't too many FREE benefits that can do that. Ready to get started?

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